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Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog! My name is Finn and I am a fourth and final year student at Swansea, studying business economics. Coming into the final teaching week of the uni term, I realise how fast this semester has gone. And then I realise, that means the fun and games of exams in January! This blog is not, however, all downbeat – I want to share some of my experiences of the latter stages of uni life, whilst also discussing the trials and tribulations of getting the all-important first graduate job.

But first, a bit about me: I should explain why I am in my fourth year, and it’s not because I had to retake a year, but because last year I spent studying in France! I mean this with no disrespect to Swansea Uni, actually the complete opposite, but last year was my favourite year of uni so far! And it is all thanks to, the now called, School of Management (SoM). The year abroad has definitely made this year a lot easier for me; I now have a better idea of what I want to do after graduating, as well as having some idea of how to go about achieving it. The SoM has since changed the set-up of studying abroad and in many ways, has improved it. Some students can now choose either to do a year in industry or half a year in industry and the other half of the year studying abroad. The year in industry can be based either abroad or at home. This is a fantastic opportunity in regards to future job prospects and I know this first hand as two of my housemates from  Engineering have been offered jobs as a direct consequence from their input in their year in industry. However, splitting the year in half allows you to experience the best of both worlds in my opinion!

That’s it for this blog, but next time I’ll go into more details about the year abroad and applying for graduate jobs. I aim to update this blog as often as possible but if anyone has any questions in the meantime, then please comment below. Finn.


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