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My name is Tom, I am a 22 year old student completing my final year at Swansea University’s School of Management studying a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. The first semester of my final year has been my toughest one so far in my studies. The amount of work you are expected to complete is a massive step up from second year; the quality and level of study is too. After achieving a disappointing 2:2 average in my second year, I’ve had to knuckle down big time to ensure I do well this year and get that coveted 2:1 or even better a first. A 2:2 isn’t the end of the world, but you won’t be first in the line of the employer’s eye either. You can wave goodbye to your regular Wind Street Wednesdays and Sin Savers sessions and look forward to the promise of full days in the uni library or School of Management PC labs to ensure your assignments are meet the required standard for good grades. I’ve had good term so far with all 2:1s and first grades in my assignments apart from one I’m expecting back soon where I handed it in late and had to take a penalty to the grade.

If you work part time on top of university too, you might want to cap the amount of hours you do – the extra shift to pay for that extra night out won’t be worth it when you got a deadline looming and could have put more time into the assignment. But as said, cutting back on the partying may reduce your need to work extra hours like I used to.

If you do need to work during term time to make ends meet, there’s heaps of businesses in Swansea offering student friendly employment, most notably the Liberty Stadium, student club nights and the bars of Wind Street. Myself, I bar tend in La Cantina on Castle Square at the top end of Wind Street one to three nights a week and I only work three or four hours till midnight at the latest, so it doesn’t interfere with uni and helps to stop me from going out, but my friends have forced me out a few times after the late finish straight to Fiction. The job pays enough for me to live comfortably and never have to ring my grandparents for help when I end up in the overdraft.

With the end of the winter semester approaching, most students are heading home. Luckily, School of Management courses finish this week, but my unlucky friends on other courses in Physics and Psychology have another week of lectures. I will be staying in Swansea till after Black Friday to assist La Cantina with the Christmas time rush and returning again on Boxing Day to do the same again. It’s crazy how busy the bars get this time of year on certain days. In-between a few days will be spent visiting family and friends back home in Blackwood and hopefully may catch Cardiff Devils game whilst I’m at it.


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