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Christmas is here, exams are near. What do we do? We keep our objectives clear!
Hello and welcome to my first blog, my name is Mohamed Khamis and I’m a postgraduate student swimming through the world of HR. Luckily, getting support from extremely helpful staff and being taught by experienced lecturers in the field has really helped boost my experience at Swansea University. Sure, we all get frustrated from the overload of work and studies we have (really), but what made them an issue in the first place? That’s right, procrastination!

There is nothing we hate more than to see a pile of unstarted work during the term until we find ourselves struggling through coursework halfway through the term. I have learned that to reward yourself after great work guarantees best results and makes you hate our dear friend procrastination. After submitting my last essay, I went on a small UK trip with a couple of friends around Wales, England and Scotland. I’m writing this blog in Edinburgh amidst the medieval feel and beautiful scenery.

Mohamed Edingburgh

So enjoy your holidays, focus on your studies and keep going, it will all pay off.
Stay tuned for my next blog, Merry Christmas everyone!


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