This semester has not just been all work and no play

Into my third blog already, which means the semester is drawing to a close and my undergraduate studies are coming to an end.

March 2015 has equalled the most stressful month of my life juggling the joys of a final year project, essays, presentations and managing a co-working space. I can gladly say I flew through it all and maintained the grades at a high 2:1.

My final year project has been the highlight this semester. Working within a group of 6 students, I lead this team and co-ordinated the process mapping of an event management procedure for a local PR practice, Seren Global Media. We also built using Microsoft Access a customer relationship management system to support staff in end-to-end event management to plan, deliver and evaluate all events in a fluent manner. A full feasibility study was also conducted in the venture of South Wales CFO Forum, a networking event for chief financial officers as a strategic business unit, which provided a positive result. The results of our work won us praise from our project mentor and academic supervisor. Seren Global Media has adopted our new event management process and implemented the CRM system for all of its future events and will be re-launching South Wales CFO Forum in June of this year with partners, OSTC fx and Thomas Carroll Group.

With the tangible part of our project over and final presentation out the way, the group and myself are just finishing up our 10,000-word report ready to be submitted in a few weeks.

This semester has not just been all work and no play, I’ve also made a few trips to London for both business and a break, spending majority of my time in Shoreditch. It’s great to see the constant redevelopment in the east of the city, billions of investment has gone into the tech and digital industries. Spitalfields Market also has a cracking range of food and the Café Caribbean chicken curry was amazing. On my second trip, I was sent to the Google Campus and TechHub’s London sites to see how they managed their co-working spaces and events programmes and bring my new found knowledge back to TechHub Swansea. And I get to go again next month for my first ever conference at the Digital Marketing Roadshow Mid-Term.

I’m seeing the transition out of student life into a young professional much faster than I first thought. My job threw me in at the deep end and things have just taken off. After completing my studies, I hope to go full time with my job until a obtain a fully driven marketing role within Swansea and complete an MSc in Marketing at University of Wales Trinity Saint David part time over the next two years.

All I can say now is I am very nervous now, I have two weeks left of term after the Easter break with only one three assignments left and no exams due to my module selection. Catch up in May when I’ve finished my degree, only one month to go!


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