My last post for now!

I am finished! My dissertation has been submitted and I have finished the last of my exams. I am relieved but also pleased with how it all went and now am eager for the results. In the meantime; I plan on taking June off and having a holiday. And then the search for a job begins in July, which is a daunting thought!

I have had a great three years in Swansea and an especially good time whilst studying in France, even if my French is still non-existent. Although, you might be surprised to hear that I have found this final year to be the most rewarding of the four. I guess this is, in part, due to the increased work load and also the increased expectations placed upon students. The benefit of this, once all of the work is completed, is that it is hard not to feel a strong sense of accomplishment and exhaustion!

I am looking forward to my last few weeks in Swansea; I aim to do all of the things that I never quite got round to doing in my first two years: exploring the Gower, walking up Pen y Fan, and making the most of the beach before I leave. But more importantly, I hope the weather is good for the next two weeks, and especially for our Summer Ball.

Forgetting university for a second, Swansea, as a place, has been a great area to live in and pretty much has everything a student could want from a city. And who knows, I may end up moving back here in the future.


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