My last post! Thanks for reading

I’ve done it – completed my degree and almost finished three years of living, studying and working in Swansea. Best decision of my life; studying BSc Business Management at Swansea University.

My last few deadlines have been submitted with no exams during the final assessment period of the academic year, which means I’m free! It hasn’t quite hit home yet that my degree is finally over as I sit at my desk in my new job writing this. Although, I do feel a huge amount of relief with no more deadlines for the time being.

I’ve handed in my notice at TechHub and moved onto a new position within the School of Management, I’m now working as an External Relations Administrative Assistant (bit of a mouthful) on a fixed term contract. Finishing my studies has been a bit of a whirlwind; my last deadline was on a Wednesday, got a call to come in for a chat about the job on Thursday and started on the following Tuesday to all my new colleagues’ surprise. Like any other student, I thought there might have been a bit of down time, but you have to seize every opportunity as it comes.

I have Summer Ball and Graduation to look forward to now and will be with the School until the end of July. Sadly, my time in Swansea will be coming to end in August as I move to Ireland to study MSc Marketing Practice at National University of Ireland Galway. Another exciting prospect about this; the course comes with a placement element where I could be based in Dublin, Limerick, Cork or Galway with a FTSE 250 company or third-level institution as the Irish refer to a university, which I find out in September. This is going to make finding accomodation very fun, but exciting times ahead!

My time at Swansea University has been the best years of my life to date. Make the most of your studies; trust me it flies by!

Thomas Coleman
BSc Business Management 2012 – 2015
School of Management, Swansea University


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