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Hello my name is Nawar. I am currently studying my first year of Accounting and Finance. I decided to do a 4 year course because in my third year I will be doing a 12 month placement where I will be able to work in industry. I chose Swansea University because of the Bay Campus and the new facilities and the other reason is  the social/ night life in Swansea is great especially Wind street where all the clubs are on one long street and you can go from club to club to experience the student life! Swansea has been improving and becoming higher in the Rankings, which will be a great benefit when I graduate and start applying for a job.


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  1. Amani · September 8, 2015

    Don’t regret it but the lectures are pretty awful now all the good teachers have left the university unfortunately for now the best at financial and management have left I myself believe I’ll struggle in my last year because of that. Knowing which lecturers will be left to teach the subjects. I hope I’ll be wrong and better teachers will come to teach the subjects but Just keep working hard because it’ll count in the end. 🙂


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